Aga bai sasubai cast

Aga bai Sasubai Cast

aga bai sasubai cast

Aga bai sasubai is a Marathi language television serial or program, Aga bai sasubai serial was started on 22nd of July 2019. This serial is telecast on ZEE MARATHI, and it is also digitally telecast on ZEE5. Nivedita Joshi Sharaf, Girish Oak, Tejashri Pradhan, Ashutosh Patki and Mohan Joshi are in lead roles. Tejashree Pradhan played th role of Shubra Kamat, Nivedita Ashok Saraf played the role of Asavari, Dr. Girish Oak played the role of Abhijit, Ashutosh Patki played the role of Soham (Babadya), Ravi Patwardhan played the role of Aajoba and Bhakti Ratnaparkhi played the role of Maddy

This serial story revolve around the life of a widow woman whose name is Asawari (Nivedita Joshi Sharaf). Asawari has a son named Soham (Ashutosh Patki), Asawari take care of her family and faces all the issue come on her or her family.

She take care of her son and her father-in-law Aajoba (Ravi Patwardhan). Asawari raised her son and do everything possible to take care of her family and make her family happy but she always pay less attention on herself while love all else exect herself. Asawari’s son get married to Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan). Aga bai sasubai serial also won so many awards on various roles.

Aga bai sasubai seriel is directed by Ajay mayekar and produced by by Sunil Vasant Bhosale. It is a Marathi serial, here we can show you complete detail of Aga bai sasubai cast and other information about Aga bai sasubai serial.

People have loved this serial a lot. Its story is very interesting and its cast is very brilliant. Audience show so much love to this serial and there cast.

Many this happend in this serial till now, Soham’s agressive behaviour, Asavari baking him, Shubhras stellar exercise whereas managing the house have all been amusive to the audience. Asavari, Abhijit, Shubhra and Babadya playing te lead role in Aga bai sasubai serial and the auidience also is in love with those character.

Shekhar Dhavalikar is the author of this Marathi serial Aga bai sasubai.

Aga bai sasubai Cast Zee Marathi

Tv Serial : Aga Bai Sasubai Cast | अग्गबाई सासूबाई 

Tejashree Pradhan as Shubhra Kamat

Nivedita Ashok Saraf as Asavari

Dr.Girish Oak as Abhijit

Ashutosh Patki as Soham (Babadya)

Ravi Patwardhan as Aajoba (Dattayray Bandopant Kulkarni)

Sanjivani Sathe as Pradnya Karkhanis

Bhakti Ratnaparkhi as Maddy

Karkhanis Ajoba

This is the complete cast of Aga bai sasu bai serial.

This serial is so much popular, Aga bai sasubai serial gained so much popularity in very less time because of there contents and excellent cast.

The serial story is awesome and everyone loved to watch it. The director of this show is Ajay Mayekar and the production house is Somil Creations, and the genre of this show is Drama and Family.

Aga bai sasubai serial started on 22 July 2019, the show telecast on ZEE MARATHI on Monday to Saturday at 7 PM.

Agga Bai Sasubai | Romantic Song | New Marathi Show | Streaming Now On ZEE5

FAQs –

What is the timing of Aga bai sasubai serial?

Yah, you can watch the serial Monday to Saturday at 7 PM.

Where can I watch Aga Bai Sasubai?

You can watch it on ZEEMarathi, and it’s show also streaming online on Zee5.

What is the age of Ashutosh Patki?

Age : 32, Date of birth of Ashutosh Patki : 17 December 1989.

Is Aga Bai Sasubai serial finished?

Till the serial is not finished but it is coming to the end.

Who is new Ajoba in Aga bai sasubai serial ?

Veteran actor Mohal Joshi is the new ‘Ajoba’ of Aga bai sasubai serial.

Who plays the role of Babdya in Aga bai sasubai serial ?

Ashutosh Patki playes the character of ‘Babdya’.

Conclusion –

Today, in this article, I have told you the cast details of Aga bai sasubai serial and have given a small review of the serial and some questions regarding the serial.

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