Barrister Babu 29th May 2021 Great Written update

Barrister Babu 29th May 2021 Written update. Barrister Babu is an Indian Hindi family drama television show which is aired on Colors Tv. This show is so famous among all the audience because of their story and their cast. This show attract the audience toward itself in very short period of time.

Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu telecast on colors Tv. This show started on 11th of Feb 2020.This show genre is social drama. It is a Indian Hindi Family Drama show. People like this show so much, the fan following of this show increasing day by day. Pravisht(Anirudh) and Aurra(Bondita) totally made people crazy on them. People have become crazy about their acting. Which make this show very popular.

Barrister Babu Cast

  • Madhushree Sharma
  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni
  • Dev Aditya
  • Chandan Anand
  • Barsha Chatterjee
  • Pallavi Mukherjee
  • Premchand Singh
  • Rohan Roy
  • Kundan Kumar
  • Rishi Khurana
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Viraj Kapoor

Barrister Babu 29th May Written story update:

The episode begins with Thakuma asking Bundita to choose a path for her life that has less suffering and pain. Thakuma tells Bandita that in our time we were left in the forest outside during periods, you are getting a lot of comfort here, these days a separate room has been made for women to stay during their periods, don’t cry or lose respect. Thakuma explains to the bondita and says that if you are getting rest here, we did not even have so much happiness in front of us, relax here and sleep on your mat and clean your utensils.

Bondita asks Thakuma where will she go to the bathroom, Thakuma replies that she has to use old clothes and mud and if she tries to go out from the home, the she will throw her in a dig.

Thakuma locks Bandita in the room saying all this and goes away bondita became sad and says in her mind that Anirudh is a man but still he understands everything about women’s periods and knows everything very well and thakuma despite being a woman Yet she shoulder all this and feels bad.

bundita calls thakuma and knocks on the door, Bondita’s call is heard by Rimjhim and she goes to Thakurma and tells Thakuma that on hearing that Bondita is knocking on the door, Thakuma gets a little angry and says that this girl is a wild cat.

Thakuma goes to Bondita and asks Bondita what happened now, Bondita tells you that I am in a lot of pain, seeing this Anirudh also tells Thakuma that Bondita is in a lot of pain. But Thakura says that a woman remains in pain all her life, a woman has to make a habit of tolerating pain.

Then Anirudh tells Thakuma that she is still a child, she will fall ill, then Thakura says that periods are not a disease, it is a way of eating women by a god that they have written only pain in their fate. Women always the pain bears i must treasure myself as a cloth of pain. Seeing all this, Anirudh must think in his mind that how can Thakuma not understand the pain of women on women.

Thakuma says this pain will make you calm and patient. The woman feels this pain and so she should not tell it, put her hand on her mouth, it is watery after hearing this and goes out.

Episode end.

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FAQs –

Where can I watch barrister Babu?

You can watch Barrister Babu serial all latest episodes and the Barrister Babu serial story online on MX Player.

Is Barrister Babu is a real story?

The plot of this drama is around a young female heroine (Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni) who gets married to an adult boy (Pravisht Mishra) when she is a youngster.

Conclusion –

Today in this article i have told that Barrister Babu 29th May 2021 Great Written update , Barrister Babu Cast and add some question of regarding this serial so if you like this article then comment below …..thank you…

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