Choti Sardarni Cast and 20th May great written update

Choti Sardarni Cast

Choti Sardarni Cast review and latest episode update

choti sardarni cast
  • Avinesh Rekhi played the role of Sarabjeet
  • Mansi Sharma played the role of Harleen Singh Gill
  • Nimrit Ahluwalia played the role of Meher
  • Avtaar Gill played the role of Avtar Singh
  • Anita Raaj played the role of Kulwant
  • Shivendra Om Saainiyol played the role of Tarkash
  • Hitesh Bhardwaj played the role of anav
  • Shivani Gosain played the role of Vijeyta Malik
  • Dolly Minhas played the role of Dolly Singh Gill
  • Amal Sehrawata played the role of Jagga Singh Dhillon

Choti Sardaarni is a Indian drama television series that premiered on ColorsTV. The genre of this show is drama. The story of Choti Sardaarni is written by Ranjeev and Nitu, screen play by Rahul Pandey and dialouges by Rajesh Chawla. The director of the show Choti Sardaarni is Jaladh k. Sharma, Raajeev Srivastava and Prabhat Rawat. NimritKaur Ahluawalia, Avinesh Rekhi, Kevina Tak played the lead role in Choti Sardaarni. The show is shown on Colors TV at 7:30 pm.

The show Choti Sardaarni is based on Punjab culture. In this show Meher played lead role. She is a young women, who wishes to be a MLA. Meher is a daugther or Kulwant Kaur and she is in relationship with Manav who works in dhaba. NO. of episode cast tillnow is about 486. The show start to premiered on 1st july 2019.

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Choti Sardaarni 20th May episode review

The show begins where we see Karan telling us that he is still lying and is not allowing him to meet the hoverboard until Dharma says it belongs to Karan and if he is speaking then he should ask Karan about it. have to ask about then only he can play with it.

Karan tells Param that he also knows how to crack him, Dolly overhears this and scolds him. Harleen also scolds Karan.

On this Karan tells her that he will complain about her because she has lost herself and instigates them against Karan and says that she knows how to teach Karan a lesson, tells him that Daundi can do this. do what you can and she will support you notice that you are crying so ask why is it happening.

See her crying she asks why are you crying then he says that Doli and Hari scolds me, shows him liquor and Meher’s wedding album and tells her that Param attended all the wedding functions but he didn’t and gave it to her. Tells that now you are important, what is the reason for inviting us on the strength of his parents.

Seer asks her too. Sarab joins the children and asks Meher to answer their questions. Children, Karan and Seer ask Meher to marry Sarab again .

Doli tells that bride is going most vs groom’s side and sir now tells her that this week she might get risk of showing herself every day asking what is going to be seen then

broadcast in wine that she and I again have decided to get married and all their children can be made only with marriage

#ChotiSarrdaarni, 1st July Mon-Fri, sham 7:30 baje

FAQs –

Did Meher leave Choti Sardarni ?

Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) play leading role in the show and She leave the show due to some health issue.

who killed Jagga in Choti Sardarni ?

Jagga killed by family member.

Is Meher really dead ?

No. She force Sarabjit to tell Karan and Param that she died.

Conclusion –

In this artical, I discuss the entire cast of Choti Sardarni and provide a critique of the show. Also, some frequently asked questions about the show Choti Sardarni. And also discuss the written update of 20th of May.

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