Ishq mein marjawan 2 written update 29th May 2021

ishq mein marjawan 2 written update 29th May 2021

Ishq Mein Marjawan Cast

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  • Helly Shah played the role of Riddhima
  • Vishal Vashishtha played the role of Kabir
  • Rahul Sudhir played the role of Vansh Raisinghania

Recurring Cast

  • Zayn Khan
  • Khalida Jaan
  • Manasvi Vashist
  • Nikita Tiwari
  • Mohit Sinha
  • Jay Zaveri
  • Geetu Bawa
  • Chandni Sharma
  • Aashcharya Vikas
  • Mouhit Joshi
  • Garima Singh Rathore

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When Riddhima comes to her room, she hears the sound of water falling from the tap. So she goes a little bit and calls out to Vansh, Then Vansh comes running and checks it all and closes the shower where the water came from.

Ridhima sees Vansh around, she is able to feel him but Vansh does not see her, so she gets a little nervous and looking around and says Vansh where are you, I can feel you but can not see. Ridhima also says Vansh you have the keys of the house so I feel like you keep coming here. At the same time, Ridhima gets a rose flower and a message kept on a table and it is written in it that we together always conneted.

He thinks that Vansh has come, he asks how is he, keep an eye on him, add me the details of each of his choices. Riddhima keeps looking for Vansh and while searching goes to the side of the bridge if mother keeps crying and she messages Vansh all around her and comes straight behind her to find Pudina and in this Ridhima collides with Dadi.

When Riddhima collides with Dadi, Dadi says you can’t walk by looking, so Ridhima says sorry to Dadi and asks Dadi how are you here Dadi, Dadi says why are you asking then Ridhima does so sorry grandma i didn’t mean to say that but this room is mostly closed so how did you come here, When Riddhima asks this, Dadi gets angry and says that this is my property, who is asking who you are, Ridhima says that Dadi, I have come to this point feeling the descent, even then Dadi scolds Ridhima on this matter. and gets angry at him.

Just then Siya ji calls Vyom and tells about all this and she tells Vyom that Ridhima is in love with Vansh and she is feeling her accommodation as I love you and I see you everywhere. Vyom asks Piya to find out about all this in detail and tells her to find out and tell me about all this.

Riddhma comes and goes to her room in her room she asks if she checks then yes she finds a doll picks up that doll at the same time Vyom reaches there and then shouts to the brain and asks are you here What are you doing and how dare you choose my stuff then she says I just wanted to see whose it is and what is it then getting angry on this matter and grabs her neck and scolds her a lot and shouts on her.

FAQs – ishq mein marjawan 2 written update

Who is the director of Ishq mein marjawan 2 show ?

Noel Smith

On which channel Ishq mein marjawan 2 serial telecast ?

Colors TV

Ishq mein marjawan 2 serial release date ?

13th of July 2020

What is the genre of Ishq mein marjawan 2 serial ?

Drama, Romance, Thriller

Ishq mein marjawan 2 serial timing ?

From Monday to Friday at 7 PM

Conclusion – ishq mein marjawan 2 written update

Here, I tell u about Ishq mein marjawan 2 serial written update of 29th of May, Everything from start to end what happened in the episode.

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