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Kavyanjali Kannada Serial cast

Kavyanjali serial is a Kannada language serial which is aired on Udaya Tv. And if you are here for Kavyanjali serial then you are on the right place. Here we can tell you complete details about this serial including Kavyanjali Kannada Serial cast. crew, plot, storyline etc. And connect with us

Our today’s article is about the Kavyanjali kannada serial cast. Kavyanjali is a Indian Kannada language serial starts on 3 August 2020 aired on Udaya Tv. This serial is so interesting and gain so much popularity in very short period of time.

The director of Kavyanjali serial is Prithviraj. The genre of this serial is family serial and drama. Pavan Ravindra, Sushmitha Bhat, Vidyashree Jayaram and Darshak Gowda are in the leading role and are the main cast of Kavyanjali serial.

Kavyanjali Kannada language serial cross 300 episodes and on this occasion all the team member of this serial have celebration and they cut the cake. All the member cast of Kavyanjali serial gathered from their busy schedule and celebrate this occasion.

The serial Kavyanjali is also remake in Bengali and the name of Bengali version of the serial is Mom Palok. And Kavyanjali is also remake in many other languages like Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam language. The Bengali version (Mom Palok) is aired on Sun Bangla from 26 April 2021.

Kavyanjali Serial Details

Show NameKavyanjali
Cast Pavan Ravindra, Sushmitha Bhat, Vidyashree Jayaram and Darshak Gowda
Started on3 August 2020
GenreFamily Drama show
Timing8:30 PM from Monday to Friday

Kavyanjali Serial Cast (Main)

Pavan Ravindra
Sushmitha Bhat
Vidyashree Jayaram
Darshak Gowda

This is the main cast of Kavyanjali Kannada serial. In which Pavan Ravindra played the role of Shushant Arus (Anjali’s Husband), Sushmitha Bhat played the role of Deepa Hiremant, Vidyashree Jayaram as Kavya (Siddharth’s wife), Darshak Gowda played the role Siddharth Arus (Kavya’s husband).

Kavyanjali Kannada Serial Story

The story of Kavyanjali is based on two cousin sisters Anjali and Kavya. Kavya is egocentric girl who tend to ignore the needs of others and only do what’s best for them. And Anjali is a caring girl and selfless also. Kavya was in a relationship with Shushant but later on when Shushant come close to Anjali he fall in love with her. While all this was going on at the same time Anjali’s parents died and due to all this, Shushant came more closer to Anjali. And because of all this, Shushant started liking Anjali more.

FAQs –

On which date Kavyanjali serial start to broadcast ?

Kavyanjali serial start to broadcast on 3rd of August 2020.

Who are in the leading cast of Kavyanjali serial ?

Pavan Ravindra, Sushmitha Bhat, Vidyashree Jayaram and Darshak Gowda are in the leading cast of the serial Kavyanjali.

Who play the role of Kavya ?

Vidhyashree Jayaram playing the role of Kavya in Kavyanjali and the name of the serial is based on Kavya and anjali’s name Kavyanjali.

On what time Kavyanjali serial telecast ?

8:30 PM from Monday to Friday on Udaya Tv.

Conclusion – Kavyanjali Kannada Serial cast

our this article is based on Kavyanjali Kannada serial in which we cover all the details of this serial including their cast, crew, storyline, plot, actress, actor. This serial in telecasting on Udaya Tv at 8:30 PM . So watch this serial it is based on family drama show and you also see some love chemistry also in the show. For many further details and you think something missing then comment below, we will update as soon as possible.

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